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Men's Puma Roma Basic Black-Black 353572 17 Men's Size 11

$45.00 USD
US Shoe Size

This pair of men's Puma Roma Basic sneakers is a classic addition to any sneakerhead's collection. The black leather upper and solid pattern make for a sleek and stylish shoe that can be worn for any occasion. With a low top shoe shaft style and standard shoe width, these sneakers are comfortable and versatile.
The shoe comes in a men's size 11, UK size 10, and EU size 44.5. The Puma Roma sneakers were first released in 1968 and have since become a timeless style. This particular shoe model was released in 2016 and is still in great condition. Add some vintage flair to your wardrobe with these iconic Puma Roma sneakers.
They are a bit worn on the bottoms with some dirt that can be cleaned out easily. Otherwise they are still in great shape.
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