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12 Jordans That Need to Be Retroed 

The Jordan brand understands retro releases as well as any company on earth. If there is one thing that sells in the sneaker industry, it's nostalgia. We can't get enough of our favorite kicks, especially our grails. We chase them like a wild stallion through the streets to no avail. Here's a list of 12 Jordan's that need to be re-released immediately!

#12: Jordan 10 Linen (2005)

The Jordan 10 Solefly definitely paid homage to the Jordan 10 linen, but there's nothing like the real thing. The Linen 10's featured a plush white tumbled leather upper with a linen nubuck eyestay. This colorway is simple enough to be functional but dynamic enough to stick out. 

#11: Jordan 9 Cool Grey (2012)

The Jordan 9 Cool Grey is a 2012 release from the Jordan 9 collection. The sneakers feature a cool grey nubuck upper with cool grey patent leather overlays and white accents. The shoe originally released in 2002 and was released once more in 2012. But, to the dismay of consumers, the 2012 pair featured some serious paint defects as pairs began to crumble in only a few years. This makes the need for another retro drop even more dire! 

#10: Jordan 7 Olympics (2012)

The Jordan 7 Olympics are the original Retro 7 colorway. These were on foot as Michael Jordan won gold with the greatest team ever assembled, the original Dream Team. As amazing as these shoes are, they are notorious for having sole separation. This creates even more urgency for a re-release of these grail sneakers!

#9: Jordan 3 Harbor Blue (2007)

The Jordan 3 Harbor Blue was a women's exclusive colorway featuring an extended size release, which was great news for ladies and fellas alike. The shoes feature a seldom used harbor blue accent color, a tint darker than university but lighter than powder blue. The shoe is incredibly rare and a great kick for any sneakerhead!

#8: Jordan 16 Cherrywood (2001)

The Jordan 16 Cherrywood is one of many forgotten sneakers from the Jordan 16 collection. As good as the Jordan brand is, they truly abuse the later number productions. Perhaps it's an attempt to forget the Michael Jordan Wizard years. The Cherrywood 16's feature a plush whisper white leather overlay coupled with a Cherrywood stitched upper with Graphite suede shroud. They're a slick pair of kicks and something you definitely don't see very often. Lets bring back the Wizards era kicks!

#7: Jordan 21 Red Suede (2006)

The Jordan 21 has yet to receive a retro release, despite being widely considered the best Jordan sneaker to release post Mike's retirement. This pair features a beautiful red suede upper with an incredibly unique silhouette. It's a shame that Nike hasn't jumped on this 2000s' gem!

#6: Jordan 4 Tour Yellow "Rare Air" (2006)

The Jordan 4 Tour Yellow is among the most coveted Jordan 4's yet to be retroed. The sneaker community has been waiting on this pair for 15 years, but Nike has yet to announce any plans of a revival. Perhaps it's because they hate us, or maybe they just don't love us. Who knows?

#5: Jordan 3 Do The Right Thing DTRT (2007)

The Jordan 3 Do The Right Thing are an absolute classic sneaker. The shoes were inspired by the colorway of the poster for Spike Lee's breakout film, Do The Right Thing. The DTRT 3's come draped in brisk blue nubuck with pro gold and radiant green accents. These kicks grab a lot of attention in the streets and would be a quick sell out if Nike ever decided to drop them again!

#4: Jordan 5 Sunset (2006)

The Jordan 5 Sunset are another woman's exclusive colorway that featured an extended size run, allowing both sexes to get in on the action. The sneakers are absolutely gorgeous, with a white leather upper and accompanying fire red and sunset orange accents. This sneaker is an absolute banger!

#3: Jordan 5 Bel Air (2013)

The Jordan 5 Bel Air gives some shine to Will Smith, who sported Jordan's more often than not on his smash sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Nike tried to capture some of that electric 90s' gander with it's Alternate Bel Air release, but it just left us missing our baby.  

#2: Jordan 4 Fear Pack (2013)

The Jordan Fear pack released in 2013, featuring the Jordan 3 Fear, Jordan 4 Fear and the Jordan 5 Fear. The Jordan 4 Fear features a tri color nubuck upper, creating a look we have yet to see again from the Jordan brand. This whole pack needs to make a comeback, every pair was a classic!

#1: Jordan 12 Cherry (2009)

It's been too damn long. Many moons have passed since the release of the Cherry 12. During that time Nike has released a retro of every other OG colorway. But fear not Retro 12 enthusiast, Nike recently announced plans to release the Playoff 12 and Taxi 12's in 2022. Perhaps the year will also see us reunited with our sweet, sweet Cherry.

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