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Authenticity guaranteed

All items at Hype Stew Sneakers go through an extensive authentication process by our sneaker experts. Our goal is to be your trusted source for authentic new and used shoes and streetwear. We don't rely on the eyes of amateur trainees, all of our experts are real life sneakerheads with decades in the game. Each sneaker must pass a 20 step authentication process in order to be listed on our site. That process can be seen below.

The first thing we look at is the packaging and tagging of the product. This includes a check of the material, the product stickers and tags, packaging paper and shoe trees if available. Next is a check of the materials of the shoe, including the cut of the leather, the consistency of the fabric, the insole, the imprints, the laces, the sole material and any other variable of the sneaker. Lastly is a quality control check, this is where we authenticate that the sneaker has the correct stitching beneath the insole and throughout the shoe, correct glue patterns, appropriate spacing and consistent levels of authenticity. For more tips on authenticating sneakers on your own, feel free to check out our legit check pages below!

After the Sneaker has been verified the shoes are disinfected, cleaned and photographed. This means that the shoe you see is the exact item you will receive upon purchase. Each shoe is photographed individually, even the new sneakers. Hype Stew Sneakers does not use stock photos, all sneaker photographs are taken in house.

If we find the shoe is under even the slightest suspicion of being a replica, it never makes its way to our site. Every sneaker on Hype Stew is 100% authentic with a money back guarantee. Our reputation is everything to us and that’s why we have amassed over 200 positive reviews throughout our social media, eBay store and website. Your satisfaction is our number 1 priority. Come shop the web’s most affordable site for new and used authentic sneakers!

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