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Adidas Originals Continental 80 Low Top White Sneakers G28215 Kids Size 1

$28.05 USD
Step up your sneaker game with these adidas Originals Continental 80 low top sneakers in a classic white colorway. With a sleek leather upper and standard width, these shoes are perfect for walking or casual wear. The 80s theme gives them a retro feel, while the updated release year of 2022 ensures that you're getting a fresh pair.
The shoe features a US size of 1 for kids. The shoe shaft style is low top, and the style code is G28215. The sneaker is part of the adidas Continental line. The shoe is pre-owned and in good shape, it is a little dirty on the bottoms but can be cleaned easily. It's suitable for men and has a performance activity of walking. Get your hands on these kicks and take your style to the next level!
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