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Nike Air Jordan 10 Tinker

$140.00 USD

The Jordan 10 Tinker is a 2018 release from the Jordan 10 collection. The pair features a?ÿracer blue nubuck upper with?ÿmulti color accents.?ÿThe shoes are in great condition with no major flaws, just a few minor marks on the uppers. Grab these great kicks for a steal price today! The Nike Air Jordan Retro 10 released in 1994, during Michael Jordanƒ??s brief stint as a baseball player following his shocking retirement from the NBA. The shoe was the first to not be approved by Michael Jordan himself, as he had stepped away from the brand to focus on his MLB push. Tinker Hatfield had begun crafting the shoe with Jordan but after his departure was forced to finish the design solo. Among the most distinguishable qualities of these retros is the colorful sole paying homage to Jordanƒ??s milestones for each year he played in the NBA. They include 1985: Rookie of the year, 1986: 63 points, 1987: Scoring Title, 1988: Dunk Champ, 1989: All Defense, 1990: Scores 69 points, 1991: MVP/ Championship, 1992: MVP/ Championship,1993: MVP/ Championship, 1994: Beyond. The shoe released in 1994 with 3 colorways. However, that year also brought 5 additional colorways representing NBA teams. The package was referred to as the regional pack and featured colorways representing the Sacramento Kings, New York Knicks, Orlando Magic, Seattle Supersonics and of course the Chicago Bulls.
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